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Async Rust

Do you remember a time when you learned something so quickly because you had an afternoon to experiment and a way to find out whether something worked? Riding a bike? Solving a puzzle? Learning to cook?


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By adopting cloud computing, us developers place trust in service providers that our code and data is not manipulated once deployed - but how can we make sure?


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One reason to like the Rust ecosystem is testing. No test runners need to be installed, no reading up on 10 variations of unit testing frameworks, no compatibiltity issues…

Why You Should Write A Book

Rust Rust Rust Rust!


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Humans love stories! In fact, stories of some kind have been a large part of how we retained knowledge across generations - making us successful as groups. Our brains are constructed in a way that we remember things better when they are presented as a plot with characters, places, and relationships. In fact there is a memorization technique that focusses on us doing things in familiar places to recall those things. Telling a good story is powerful and if I can help a reader solve a particular…


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During the RustFest 2018 in Rome, Aaron Turon said something that stuck with me, which was that Rust is actually about empowering developers. Personally I think this is a very profound thought, that the goal of a programming language is to help others to do and achieve things they never thought possible.

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