Rust Is Fun 🦀


5-Minute Read

Async Rust

Do you remember a time when you learned something so quickly because you had an afternoon to experiment and a way to find out whether something worked? Riding a bike? Solving a puzzle? Learning to cook?


8-Minute Read

By adopting cloud computing, us developers place trust in service providers that our code and data is not manipulated once deployed - but how can we make sure?

Monorepo For Beginners

A less technical exploration


9-Minute Read


Monorepos store everything in a single repository, whether it’s code, documentation, or any other asset that has to do with the system you are building. This leads to a large number of commits and stakeholders, so how can you mitigate plunging it into chaos?


6-Minute Read


One reason to like the Rust ecosystem is testing. No test runners need to be installed, no reading up on 10 variations of unit testing frameworks, no compatibiltity issues…

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