I am Claus, a Software Engineer by trade and all around explorer. With this blog I hope to help and inspire you to create amazing things using Rust, WASM, JavaScript, Python, Machine Learning or similar. Within my (future) posts I try to focus on using technology in ways that solve practical problems. Expect content about:

  • Rust
  • WASM
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT stuff

Due to my job at Microsoft’s CSE organization there might be the odd post about what we are up to with our customers and partners too! If you want to reach out, check the social buttons on the left and drop me a message there.


Previously, as the community leader for Crate.io’s fantastic community, I put together events for up to 50 people. Among others:

Public Speaking, Workshops & Talks

While travelling the world, I am thankful to share a space with many amazing humans. Here are some events that I was part of:

I am always curious what you are up to, so if you see me, tell me all about your best projects and challenges 👻. But I am also responsive on my LinkedIn profile and twitter.