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I’d be thrilled to help you or your company with your Rust journey:

  • Application architecture
  • System architecture
  • Courses and learning Rust
  • … let’s talk about your needs!

Alternatively, I enjoy writing and my work has been reviewed favorably around the globe (links in the sidebar on the left).

Are you still speaking in code(s)? Are your users asking obvious questions? Are your code samples actually working?

Bad technical documentation, boring blog posts, or confusing descriptions of an SDK can quickly drive away new users, even if they are tech-savy. The unlimited possibilities of technology are hard to boil down to what’s essential and helpful. Overcoming this curse of knowledge is a passion of mine since as a software engineer, I have suffered through countless tutorials that stop before things get interesting; I have cursed bloated texts in technical documentation; and I have yelled at supposedly working code that just won’t run.

My writing (code and prose) aims to be clear, friendly, and concise, which has been well received in my last two books (1000+ copies sold). Be it articles, blog posts, courses, tutorials, or any other technical content - I am happy to lend my hand and skills to make them as helpful for your audience as possible … and helpful content drives engagment and makes for satisfied customers.

While I write code (and documentation for it!) on a daily basis, I created written content over the past years:

  • Rust Programming Cookbook
  • Data structures and Algorithms with Rust
  • Manning LiveProject: Async streaming in Rust
  • Rust & machine learning blog posts here

I am very passionate about technology as a whole and in my professional career I have worked with many programming languages, frameworks, and platforms - which is key for creating relevant material.

Whichever article, tutorial, or other text you need - feel free to reach out!

My company is registered in the Netherlands under KVK nr: 81683200

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